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Works on Paper

The Flood
Luminous Bouquet
Requiem, 2013
Beset by Demons
The Marriage
The Fountain
Weighing of Souls
The Dying Son
The Dying Son with Candles
Within a Sphere
The Concert
Millstone Portal
Cleansing the Invisible Man (no.2)
Cleansing the Invisible Man (no.1)
Cleansing the Invisible Man (preliminary sketch)
Three Blind Men Dreaming Away Their Sorrows
Light of the Dead
Light of the Dead (preliminary sketch)
The Niche
Lamentation (no.2)
Lamentation (no.1)
Lamentation (study)
The Wall (Woman)
The Fall
The Wall (Man)
Bound Figure
Mappa Mundi
The Chalice
Tree of Life
Hanging Figure (My father was...)
The Cloud
Mors Certa Hora Incerta (preliminary sketch)
Falling Figure
Happy Birthday [Kathy Magnani] (detail)
Hanging Figure with Two Flowers
Three Hanging Figures (study)
Untitled 1986
Collage 1978
Self Portrait 1975
Braille Drawing No.4
Braille Drawing No.3
Braille Drawing No.2
Braille Drawing No.1