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Caught in the Crossfire
Tumbleweed Eclipse
Remnants of War
Endless Fragmentation
Morning Star
The Flood
Weighing of Souls
Requiem, 2014
The Concert
Beset by Demons
The Dying Son
Millstone Portal
Lamentation Triptych
Music of Life
Cleansing the Invisible Man
The Fall, or The Time it Takes Falling Bodies to Light
Window of Seven Tears
Light of the Dead
The Niche
The Wall (Man)
Mappa Mundi
Fire Vortex
Mors Certa Hora Incerta
Wheel of Life
Eternal Flame
Inverted Figure over Flames
Winged Figure in a Vortex
Apocalyptic Landscape
Three Hanging Figures
Winged Figure
Untitled, 1987-2
Knife Vortex
Untitled, 1986-3
Untitled, 1986-2
Untitled, 1986-1
Dark Vortex
Light Vortex
Untitled, 1984-3
Untitled, 1984-2
Untitled, 1984-1
Untitled, 1983-2
Untitled, 1983-1
Untitled, 1982-4
Untitled, 1982-3
Untitled, 1982-2
Untitled, 1982-1
Untitled, 1981-4
Untitled, 1981-3
Untitled, 1981-2
Untitled, 1981-1
Untitled, 1980-3
Untitled, 1980-2
Untitled, 1980-1
Untitled, 1979-6
Untitled, 1979-5
Untitled, 1979-4
Untitled, 1979-3
Untitled, 1979-2
Untitled, 1979-1
Untitled, 1978-4
Untitled, 1978-3
Untitled, 1978-2
Untitled, 1978-1
Untitled, 1977-5
Untitled, 1977-4
Untitled, 1977-3
Untitled, 1977-2
Untitled, 1977-1
Untitled, 1976-1