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Monthly Highlights

Music of Life

October 2019: Music of Life
Winged Figure in a Vortex

September 2019: Winged Figure in a Vortex
The Niche

August 2019: The Niche
Tree of Life

July 2019: Tree of Life
Remnants of War

June 2019: Remnants of War
Beset by Demons

May 2019: Beset by Demons
Untitled 1980 no.2

April 2019: Untitled 1980 no.2
Tumbleweed Eclipse

March 2019: Tumbleweed Eclipse
Luminous Bouquet

February 2019: Luminous Bouquet
Weighing of Souls

January 2019: Weighing of Souls
Window of Seven Tears

December 2018: Window of Seven Tears
Falling Figure

November 2018: Falling Figure
Lamentation Triptych

October 2018: Lamentation Triptych
Morning Star

September 2018: Morning Star

August 2018: Bloodletting
The Concert

July 2018: The Concert
Cleansing the Invisible Man

June 2018: Cleansing the Invisible Man
Dark Vortex

May 2018: Dark Vortex
The Dying Son

April 2018: The Dying Son
Endless Fragmentation

March 2018: Endless Fragmentation
Mappa Mundi

February 2018: Mappa Mundi
The Fall, or The Time it Takes Falling Bodies to Light

January 2018: The Fall

December 2017: Opossum